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In the middle of China, along Yangtze River,  near the world-famous Three Gorges Dam and the hometown of Three Kingdoms,  there is Jingmen Chuda Mechanical & Electrical Co.Ltd. a manufacturer for daily glass machining and batching system.

Chuda is famous at the unique products in the market.  good at engineering  constructing and management of container glass factory,  because of our long commitment to hot end glass technology .

We aim at providing expert service and one-key project solutions for Chinese and global customers,  having involved in a variety of engineering projects with good reputation in southeast Asia,   central Asia,   Middle East,  etc.

Customer’s necessity is the engine of our continuous progress. For over 20 years. our machines have been used in the following well-known brands: Moutai,   Luzhou,  Avon,  Loreal and other 500 companies,  keeping the No.1 position for rotary digital control bottle machine,  crystal press machine and position for daily glass batching system in Chinese market.

Over the past years,   our professional engineers and technical team are the  experts at mechanism,  electronics,  civil engineering,  thermo-technology,  installation and commissioning . We persist the philosophy of “Innovative Technology,  Top Service”. Our passion to provide complete customer satisfaction is equaled by the superlative performance of our people and technology,  and above all is our profound understanding of glass.