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TBDSF-II Microcomputer Control System-威澳门尼斯人-0727.-v


Control system is the center of the entire equipment. TBDSF-Ⅱ microcomputer control system is developed by Chuda company and has been upgraded many times with the features of high stability and strong control function.
The entire system is multi-function, which is the combination of flexible control and rigid positioning, and makes the system’s action soft and positioning precise.
It can adapt to various machine like rotary digital control bottle machine, I.S machine and pressing machine. Then system can achieve synchronous control of 1 to 8 digital bottle machine, distributor, servo spear, and conveyor.

Technical features

Adopt high-performance SCM of 16 bits.
Control computer and field interface are photoelectric- isolated.
Adopting advanced field bus communication technology.
Adopt multistage computer system.
Program of upper computer adopts Windows programming technique.
Humanized upper computer with Windows interface, it’s easy to operate.
Phase synchronization adopts frequency control technology.

Main functions

Set open and closing time of magnetic valve.
Provide synchronous and starting signal for distributor
Provide synchronous and starting signal for electronic pusher
Provide synchronous and starting signal for servo scissors.
Provide synchronous and starting signal for transfer, conveyor and stacker.
Set and save working parameters by upper computer.
Inspect the gob number of feeder by machine control board of lower computer.
Bottle-making machine system can be synchronously run with the feeder