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LD-7S Digital Control bottle machine:

LD-7S adopts the servo rotation, 4 stage automatic open and close, auto clamping. It is suitable for the production of middle and high-grade glass bottle


Servo motor accurately controls turntable: exact orientation, smooth operation and high stability; -澳门威尼斯手机现场版
Automatic-timing open/close of blow mould, which replace manual open/close and improving the automation level. 
Bottle-holding mechanism: Avoiding bottle body turning over when opening the forming mould.-33775003.com
Take-out mechanism can adjust automatically: Taking out bottles of different height by adjusting the stroke of take-out cylinder. After finishing wares, blow mould opens, take-out mechanism automatically takes out wares from blow mould to conveying net belt;
Mould bottom can be lifted and dropped: can meet various wine bottle production of body height blow 380mm; 
Good versatility of components: the holder and mould can be used in common with IS machine-威澳门尼斯人4886

Main technical data:

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